How To Buy The Right Boxing Heavy Bag

When you take a good look you will see that there are many punching bags for sale out there. It is an essential part of your training, and you need to buy the right punching bag that suits your circumstances. Choosing the wrong heavy bag can mean that you do not achieve the results from your training that you desire.

There are cheap punching bags for sale as well as some very expensive ones. It is always best to have a budget in mind before you go looking. You will find boxing bags for sale in stores and online, so take your time and compare them to get the best price. This article will provide you with the basics of what to look for so please read it carefully.

Do You Choose A Hanging Bag Or A Free Standing Bag?

This is the very first decision that you will need to make about your new heavy bag. There are advantages and disadvantages of both types of bag. The purists will tell you that a hanging bag is the best, but there are plenty of others that have achieved some great results by using the right type of free standing punching bag.

In general a hanging bag will provide you with a better punching experience. They do have a tendency to move around when you punch them hard, but this is a good thing as you can develop your timing skills, increase your speed and sharpen up your accuracy.

If you want to train at home, then you need to understand that a heavy hanging bag can really damage the structure of your ceiling if you don’t take steps to support it properly. Getting professionals in to do this work can cost a lot of money. If you go down this route then you need to understand that your hanging bag will become a pretty permanent fixture, as it will not be easy to move it once it is installed.

Free standing punching bags are easy to set up and to move around. You can literally set them up and use them in any room. You do not have to worry about the structure of your home, and there is no requirement to hire expensive contractors. You can just set the bag up on the floor and start training.

The problem with free standing bags is that they are not as sturdy as most of the hanging bags, and the free standing bag can move around when you punch it. You will get used to this though and it is not a major problem. When you are looking for heavy bags for sale please bear in mind that the price of free standing bags is normally more than hanging bags.

Heavy Bag Materials Are Important

You will find that most heavy bags are filled with either natural and synthetic fiber, or they are filled with foam. There are some heavy bags that you can fill with water or sand. All of these materials have advantages and disadvantages.

Fiber is found in a number of punching bags for sale these days. The use of fiber as a filler should provide the bag with a good user experience, as the resistance should feel even across the bag. This means that wherever you punch the bag it should feel the same.

Foam is a good alternative to fiber and it is being used in many more heavy bags now, especially the free standing bags. The foam is normally high density so that you will get a consistent punching experience from the bag. The foam will not settle, so you should not find that one area of a bag feels any stiffer than another.

Some heavy bags are designed to be filled with sand. It will provide a good punching experience, but be aware that sand can settle after a while and this will make the bottom of the bag harder than the top. You can also get pockets forming with heavy bags that are filled with sand.

A lot of people will tell you that the best experience is obtained by using a water filled bag. They say that hitting the water feels more natural than the other materials. Not every boxer will have the same opinion, and a lot will favor foam or fiber more.

Go For The Correct Weight Of Punching Bag

Heavy bags vary in weight and you need to make an assessment of the correct weight for your training needs. If you are going to use the bag for aerobics training mainly then the lighter bags are fine. If you go for a bag that is too heavy then when you punch it you can hurt your hands and arms.

If you want to choose a hanging punching bag, then go for a bag that is around half of your body weight. It is not such an important consideration with free standing bags as they have a different design.

The more experienced that you are at boxing, the more likely that a heavier bag will suit your requirements. You will be more inclined to punch harder, and a lightweight bag may not be able to withstand this for too long. A light bag will also move a lot when it is struck hard and this may not suit your training style.

The Cost Of Heavy Bags

There are some cheap punching bags out there, but in general you will get what you pay for. You can usually purchase a good quality hanging bag for under a hundred dollars. If you are going for the free standing bag then be prepared to pay between $100 and $400. You will not have any additional set up costs with a free standing bag of course.


There are a lot of high quality heavy bags available on the market right now. You can get a bag from a well known manufacturer such as Century or Everlast, or you can buy one of the lesser known brands. Check to see what the bag is made of and what the filler is inside. Durability is very important as the bag will be taking a pounding.

If you plan to use the bag for power boxing training then go for a bag that is heavy, as it will be able to withstand your hard punches better. If you want to use it for cardio training then a lighter bag is fine for this. Always go for a quality bag and be prepared to spend some extra money on this. You want the bag to last a long time don’t you?

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